Morgan’s 16th Birthday Party

I had the privilege of working with the sweet group of ladies on March 5th for Morgan’s 16th Birthday party. I even had the opportunity to doll up her grandmother since she was celebrating her wedding anniversary, which her daughter graciously treated her to a make over. We laughed, joked and had the best time that day! It was so refreshing to feel the love and energy that these sweet gals put possessed. They were enjoying their makeup and taking lots of selfies! And they feel in love with the false lashes we used that day! They all looked so incredibly beautiful and there eyes just lit up with excitement after they we finished. It was truly such a rewarding experience! As a gift to the birthday girl, I did a free mini photo shoot for her and her friends! Needless to say it was an absolute hit! IMG_3712 (2)IMG_3703 IMG_3708 IMG_3716IMG_3718IMG_3724IMG_3745
IMG_3750 IMG_3751IMG_3743IMG_3733IMG_3742IMG_3741\IMG_3698